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                    Walnut Cutting Boar Raffle

*I have the opportunity the represent the United States Deaf golf Team in October and Travel to Hawaii (I was born deaf and have participated in The United States Golf Team since 2005).

To help with the costs of the trip I am raffling off FIVE custom walnut boards. For the winners, you choose a walnut cutting board or charcuterie board of your choice. Raffle tickets are $5 per entry. You can enter as many times as you like. If you enter multiple times and I pull your name as a winner, I will leave your other entries in the raffle - meaning you can win more than once. 

All transactions will be done through Venmo. Please put your email or Instagram handle in the space where it says "What's this for?"

**My Venmo @DanosCWW

My products are a work of art and I am a perfectionist. Once the winners are announced, I will plan on getting you the boards by August or September. 

Raffle will close on May 16th and draw the winners on May 18th. Thanks for your support. GO USA!


About Me

A true Leadville local, born and raised! I love the mountains and the beautiful outdoors. Dano's Custom Woodworking started with an idea to build mountain wood siding on a small house outside of Leadville.  After seeing the siding, my wife had me build a smaller version for an art piece in our house. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a love for the craft, then blossomed into a career of creating custom designs for customers.

If you dream it, I can build it.

A true devotion to the craft stems from an intense satisfaction of turning conception into reality.

To request an order, please contact me today.